Why Refurbished?

Refurbished Myths

sBiz360's certified technicians are dedicated to renewing and refurbishing our products to the highest quality until they look and perform perform pristinely. We specialize in providing professional grade equipment at a lower cost of ownership, dedicated customer service and a warranty for your assets.

Myth 1. Refurbished devices are lower quality

Buying refurbished devices from a trusted partner, like sBiz360, ensures the preservation of both its value and functionality. We abide by strict guidelines and procedures when preparing devices for their secondary use, guaranteeing they hit the secondary market with the highest possible quality.

Myth 2. Refurbished devices won't last as long as a new device

The perks that usually come along with buying new, such as extensive customer support and warranties, are becoming more widely available with refurbished products. At sBiz360 we offer warranties on all our products that are on par with new product warranties – including numerous repair options for consumer convenience

Myth 3. Refurbished devices and used devices are the same

It is true that both used devices and refurbished devices both had previous owners, however, that’s where the similarities end. To be formally considered “refurbished” a device will undergo thorough testing and verification, as well as any necessary repairs, data wiping, and cosmetic fixes.

Used devices, however, can be sold by anyone, under any condition including those less savory, leaving your company open to data security risks and tech-related difficulties.

Refurbished devices need to pass through a much more meticulous process. sBiz360 measures any device intended for secondary use against a rigorous metric. Only when the device clears all of our processes do we offer it on our secondary marketplace. Through us, devices labeled "refurbished" have been brought back to a like-new state.

We are a registered Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher and we only offer a new, physical Certificate of Authenticity (COA). With every Windows 10/11 operating system we sell you will receive an individual COA sticker exclusively for that machine.

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